Courses I arranges

which will be on my farm


The courses are held on my farm 35km north of Gothenburg unless otherwise stated.

The idea is that I will build a large network of contacts with good people who can come and hold courses in small-scale wood processing so I can expand the number of courses in the field, even if I'm not sufficiently skilled in specific subjects.

I myself am certified solosåg instructor and will continue to educate me in the field.

The idea is to create an overall experience on my farm where the course lasts for several days and you can live and eat, meet others with the same entries as you have while the course is on going.


  • Course Which sawmill should I choose?

    Do you consider buying a sawmill but are not really sure what to choose. Come to me, let's go through the various sawmills and brands. We try various sawmill both bandsaw mill and chainsaw mill. We use both electric saw and chainsaw
    After this day, the idea is that you should be sure which sawmill are right for you.
    We will mill
    Logosol Farmers with Stihl MS391 and Stihl MS661
    Logosol F2 with Speedsaw E5 and E37 feeding
    Woodland Mills HM122 electric bandsaw
    Logosol B1001 with Smart Set and trailer kit

    We start at 10:00 and will continue to about 15:00.
    Price 900sek

  • Course Try Logosol Farmers

    Do you wonder what it's like to saw a sawmill from Logosol. We try to cut with Logosol farmers both with chainsaws and Speedsaw E5.
    We look at various accessories and what you need to get started with a solosåg.

    We start at 9:00 and will continue to about 11:30.
    Price 500sek

  • Course Plane with PH260

    We go through how to best set your planer to get the best results. How to troubleshoot and maintain your planer.
    Does not matter if you are a beginner or have planed for a while, there is always something to learn

    We start at 9:00 and will continue to about 15:00.
    Price 1200sek