Woodland Mills HM122

A small and budget-friendly band sawmill

Woodland Mills HM122.

Woodland Mills HM122 is the smallest in a series of sawmills from Canadian Woodland Mills. The sawmill is developed in Canada but is built in china, although overall it is good quality. It is very easy to assemble when large parts come pre-assembled and it took me about 3 hours to mone everything. It is been built to keep the price down but it is a well-functioning sawmill.

Comes with a standard length of 3.9 meters, which gives max length of about 3.1 meters but can be extended in 1.8 meters sections to the desired length. The saw has a 45cm throat opening between blade guide. Which gives rise to saw logs up to 55cm / 22 "which is reflected in the name.

I run with the HM122e model, which means it is equipped with a 4kw electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. Which gives a very quiet and soft run, you can stand next to the saw and talk in normal tones without raising the voice.

The problem with all sawmills of this size is that the saw blade becomes very short, which causes the band to have few teeth so that each tooth gets a lot of work, which makes the band lose sharpness faster. This is not a problem only with Woodland mills, but applies to all small band sawmills.

If you are thinking of a Woodland mill's sawmill, I recommend you going up to HM126 because the price difference is no more than 400euro and then you get. A little larger sawmill from 55cm / 22 "to 66cm / 26" log size with adjustable throat opening, adjustable feet and better log holders.