Bonnet logtrailer

The workhorse on the farm

Bonnet hydraulic logtrailer

I use a hydraulic log trailer from It is optimal when get wood in the forest and you do not want to disturb the ground that a larger forest machine or tractor would do. I also uses when I pick up hardwood in the gardens, and you can not destroy the lawn. It's easily drive into the back gardens even if it is tight.

It has a separate engine with hydraulic pump which is mounted on the front of the ATV to get a little better balance when driving in the woods. The trailer is also equipped with a hydraulic drive that folds down between the wheels on the trolley to give it 8 wheel drive. And It is equipped with a remote controlled hydraulic winch which is incredibly much faster and stronger than the electric on my ATV.

The trailer is made in China. I think the trailer is of good quality considering the price. Worked over all the expectations I had when I got it.

Wishing the drive on the wheels was a bit stronger because I have a very hard terrain. Then the remote control to the winch was a bit too poor quality. Despite this, I can really recommend the trolley.