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Small-Scale Wood Processing

  • Event Bondens dag

    This year's farmer's day in Backamo became very nice the weather was top.
    About 20,000 visitors eating ice cream, looked at old and new machines.
    I myself was there to see what the forest and atv exhibitors had to offer.
    Not any direct news, but Logosol showed Band 751 and Alstor showed 840 PRO, which was certainly new to many visitors. It also seems like electric hydraulic tip trailers for ATV is popular several company showed their variants.

    I must see if I can borrow one electric hydraulic tip trailers soon to test en make a video about it.

    Slideshow from the exhibition

  • New product Logosol Band 751

    During Elmia woods in Jönköping Logosol showed up a new band sawmill, Band 751 as the new sawmill is called. It’s capable of 75,1 cm log diameter and has 60cm throat opening between blade supports.
    The saw comes in three variants Petrol engine of 13hp and with electric motor of 4kw alternatively 8kw.
    The sawmill is made in sweden and shall cope with our scandinavian climate really good.
    It’s pre-assembled, you assemble only assemble the rails.

    The saw has many innovative solutions which I have not seen before. Among other things, a very clever locking of the log that looks to work very nicely. Saw head is set in fixed steps just like on the Logosol chain-sawmills which are very popular among the users.

    I will div into all the details as soon as I get the opportunity.

  • New product New trailer for HM126 and HM130

    Canadian Woodland Mills showed a new trailer for its two bigger sawmills HM126 and HM130 during Elmia Wood 2017. The trailer does not weigh more than 750kg, allowing it to meet the EU regulations for unbraked trailers.

  • Event Elmia Wood 2017

    The world’s largest forestry fair was bigger than ever this year both in terms of area and number of exhibitors. Many visitors were drawn to Elmia Wood to see new forestry products and services and to learn about new high-tech solutions and expertise in the forest south of Jönköping, Sweden.