Logosol PH260

PH260 planes and moulds 4 sides at once

Logosol PH260.

Logosol PH260 is the absolute most fun machine in my woodshop, giving me a big smile every time I use it. With it's 4 cutter and small dimensions it can handle all the tasks you can imagine. I manly use it for different baseboards and crown moldings, but I also plan t&g flooring and old style ceilings.
It's very easy to set the cutter for a new run so it works great even for smaller series. Which makes it perfect for me.

You insert a coarse board worth 1$/m and out comes a beautiful crown molding worth 5-10$/m.

It uses the standard TB90 cutter head, which makes it easy to get moulding knives for different profiles. Also, you can easily order custom-made knives according to your own drawing.

If you are thinking of getting a PH260 then I recommend that you get in and out feed tables, which makes it much easier to use. Then, the Logosol setting rule is a very good accessory that makes setting of the side cutter much easier. There is also an extension to fences that helps to straighten the moulding a bit better, I think this also works really well.

Must give this machine 5 stars out of 5 possible as it is a very wonderful machine in my opinion, without any real competitors in this segment of 4 cutter planer/moulder.