Logosol Farmers Sawmill

A portable chain-sawmills that are easy to use

Logosol farmers sawmill

Logosol Farmers M8 introduced 2014 a neater, more portable sawmill then its big brother Logosol M8. In standard Farmers is 4 meters long. My is extended to 6 meters. You can extend it even further to maximize how long you can cut. A friend has a extended his sawmill to 12meter. The sawmill have three log beds whit 1 or 2 meters in between. This makes it very easy to cut different long logs.

The log's are easily set with an automatic locking click system. Each click is 1/4". The click's are easy to hear and therefore easy to count. Four clicks for cutting a 1" board, plus a click for the bar.

On the larger sawmill Logosol M8, you can choose if each click shall be 1/4" or 1/8" which gives the possibility to cut out more variations.

To Farmers M8 a very simple saw sled is included. If you plan to cut much with a chainsaw I recommend upgrading to the M8 sled with a hand crank. It's much smoother and not so tiring to cut with.

It also well worth the effort to have a log table. I have built my own log table. It makes it incredibly much easier to roll the logs on to the sawmill.