Logosol E5 Speed Saw

LOGOSOL’s Electric Saw, Stronger than You Think!

Logosol E5 Speed Saw

The Logosol Speed Saw is their latest model of electric saw unit, where accessories such as water cooling, sawdust duct and bar nose steering are standard. The saw is surprisingly quiet to cut with, even if earprotection should be used.

There is two models Speed Saw E5 (5000W) and E8 (8000W). I have the smaller with the E37 friction feed that makes it easy and convenient to operate the saw. E5 also can be chosen in a model that you hand crank forward.

The Speed Saw comes with a tapered special guide bar. With this construction, the guide bar gives a better sawing result with a straighter kerf and a finer sawn surface.

You can change the chain without removing the guide bar and you do not need to use any tools.